We are bringing you a special edition by marrying H4RT with Afrobeats.

Get ready to laugh, sweat, learn, create and express freely and leave having danced with everyone in the room.

After this experience you’ll certainly become a member of a new journey that is H4RTDance.

All ages, all abilities and all from totally different backgrounds but likeminded in the sense that we want to celebrate and share the joy of dance and find new connections along the way! It truly is an unmatched experience I recommend to all people with a passion for dance and a drive to improve and expand their social network

Feed Back Message from a Partaker of Session 6.Dancer

If you have the ‘HART’ you can do the Dance

Created by @Caramel_Soldier and her brand @PiecesofHouse to get everyone connected and moving together on the dance floor in any social setting anywhere in the world!

Carmel Jones

Creative Director

"Earning Stripes in Everything We Do!"
The Caramel Soldier Co. is a company that is the life and world of Caramel Soldier. All her Dreams; Achievements; Inspirations; Projects; Missions and Performances that is Creative Entertainment Art.
This Soldiers Main Mission is to March Strong with an "Army of Treats" (Different Collectives of talented individuals/companies in what ever field) And give you an outstanding Service that is tailored to leave you Entertained; Inspired and wanting to Join the March!


H.A.R.T stands for Housedance. And. Rueda experience. Together!

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