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Housedance. And. Rueda experience. Together!

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So What Is H4RT?

It is a modern day adaptation of the social dance: Cuban Rueda

This partner dance which is danced in a circle has pre-set dance moves that will be called out by the “MC.” Once you have completed the set with your original partner, the whole circle will switch, matching you with a new partner ready to do another exciting combo.

The Benefits are :..

H4RT has an uplifting effect that pulls people together, promoting a community spirit.

We are bringing you a special edition by marrying H4RT with Afrobeats. Get ready to laugh, sweat, learn, create and express freely and leave having danced with everyone in the room. After this experience you’ll certainly become a member of a new journey that is H4RTDance.

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Heart and lungs

Improved condition of your heart and lungs


Increased muscular strength, endurance and motor fitness


Increased physical confidence

Social skills

Better social skills.


Improved general and psychological wellbeing

Mental functioning

Improved mental functioning

As our mission continues in connecting communities through the power of our #H4rtBeat